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SmaXel with Fractional CO2 Laser


Key Features

  • 10600nm Wavelength + Multiple Handpieces

  • Stimulates Collagen + Rejuvenates Skin

  • Effective Skin Toning + Wrinkle Reduction


The Fractional CO2 laser with Smaxel trade-mark operates by creating 100 micrometer columns of laser beam in the skin align with the ability to adjust the number of laser beam dots.


The Smaxel delivers the laser energy to the target tissue by using a particular double part pulse called SmartPulse.


In the first step, a high power ablative pulse with short duration leads to micrometer destruction of tissue which delivers the laser energy into the optimum depth of tissue.


In the second step, a low power pulse with long-duration delivers the required thermal energy into the depth of tissue and leads to new vascularization and collagen remodeling by stimulating the fibroblasts of the tissue.


Therefore, by manipulation of this technology, we will gain high quality and long-lasting restoration of the tissue.


Moreover, there will be no damage to the tissue and the risk of complications will be drastically diminished.

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