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Smaxel Dental

EGF is called cellular reproduction factor and is a factor a human being has by nature. It unites with a receptor on the surface of the skin so helps facilitate production of new cell and is a kind of protein formed from 53 amino acids in the human body.

After taking a laser operation, rubbing the laser doctor cream on the skin prevents the skin from aging and promotes new cellular growth of the skin cell. Furthermore it helps maintain elasticity and sleekness of the skin and prevents wrinkles.

  • Sodium hyaluronate and polyglutamic acid form a membrane on the skin so provide moisture and nutrition, and protect from the external harmful factors.
  • It contains snail mucus extract, which have mucin that is reported effective to treat an injury, hemp root extract and lotus root extract.
  • It contains collagen, snail mucus extract, caviar extract, pueraria extract which are of help to the skin elasticity, and also contains aloe extract, cucumber extract and onion extract so gines aid to tranquilize the skin along with the skin moisturization. It contains human olifopeptide-1 that is reported effective for cellular reproduction and acetyl hexapeptide-8 that is said to have Botox effect so makes the skin animated.


500ml / 20ml


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