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Smaxel Dental

DS-3000E Smoke Evacuator


Perfect for the elimination of smoke and any aromas emitted while laser is in operation.


Key Features

  • ULPA or HEPA filtration – Highest standards of filtration
  • Compact – The small convenient design won’t crowd your floor space
  • Improved Technology Filter performance ensures maximum longevity at low cost
  • Economical – Long-lasting disposables and gauge to determine the actual level of performance
  • Variable Speed – Customize the flow speed for each procedure
  • Alarm – It is displayed on the screen if a replacement of the primary filter is required
  • Powerful Suction – Effectively captures and filters any surgical smoke auto-detecting system to keep the best condition
  • Foot-switch – Hands-free operation. The unit can easily be deactivated and re-activated using the foot-switch to help extend the life of the filters


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